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This channel provides a full featured Wordpress based website with all the communications plugins pre-installed. This channel will be perfect for a new business or organization that doesn’t have web presence. The analytics of the website are automatically collected and displayed by Redtie. Once you turn on other channels of Redtie, they can be easily turned on with the plugins provided.


Use cases

Healthcare Provider Web Presence

Fullerton Hearing is a hearing health provider located in southern California. Their need to have a great branding for their business serving the local community. The site should be easy to manage to publish content, connect organically with the social media activities and have a closer tracking of the analytics.

Fullerton is using a few channels of Redtie but the most important staple channel is the Web channel. Their site – www.fullertonhearing.com – is powered and operated by Redtie’s Web channel.

IT Services Company Portal

EphronTech is a tech services company based in the San Francisco bay area. The company develops their own software products and for clients. Having a dependable web presence with the ability to connect with the visitors to customers is important. The company is using Redtie’s channels such as Text, Voice as well as Web that runs the website – www.ephrontech.com