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When you subscribe to this channel, a unique phone number is assigned. You can use Redtie to create and send voice calls from this numbers to your contacts. When the receivers call back, they are directed to record their message. The messages are available at the Inbound area.


Use cases

HoHoHo by Santa

The site – www.hohoho.audio – that went live during last Christmas was a grand success. Anyone can type up a message to anyone and the site will call the person and play the message as Santa. People were using to send wishes, gift preferences and greetings by voice with a few keystrokes. Powered by the voice channel of Redtie, the site became a season’s sensation in California.

Birthday greetings

From dentists to financial advisors, businesses with personal touch with their customers have a need – greet the clients on their birthday. Integrated with the internal customer relationship system and powered by Redtie’s voice channel, calling on the day of the birthday and greeting them with a personalized voice call is made possible.

Uber for babysitters

RentAParent is an agency operating in Northern California. The business finds babysitters needed and also places full and part time nannies at homes with infants, toddlers all the way to early teens. RentAParent has built a communication systems powered by Redtie to connect and schedule sitters as well as nannies quickly and efficiently.