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Voice Messaging made easier with Redtie Text-to-Voice tool

Every customer of you seek for personal attention and care.

Deepen the relationship with your customers now with Redtie - Multi-channel Messaging platform.

Voice Channel

When you subscribe to this channel, a unique phone number is assigned. You can use Redtie to create and send Text-to-Speech messages from this number to your contacts. When the receivers call back, they are directed to record their messages. The messages are available at the Inbound area.

How Voice Channel can be beneficial for your business?


Personal Touch

Create a personal touch with every person you reach and encourage for an action.


High ROI

Interactive voice broadcasting helps you to make more than 300% return on investment.


Real Time Reporting

Monitor your voice campaigns in a real-time to keep track of your business growth & productivity

Voice Channel

Create and send voice calls to one or a group of your contacts.

Personalize the call with the contact’s first name and last name.

Make the call more real with flexible options to choose gender and
various accents – US, UK etc.

Schedule the call(s) upto 1 year in advance.

Receive the responses from the contacts when they reply by call or SMS

Search the historical voice transcriptions.