Video has always been a powerful way to advertise, but until recently, that power was limited to driving mass reach, brand awareness, and consideration. For marketers looking to inspire action — a click, a sign-up, a sale — email and search were the go-to channels.

Why video advertising evolved in 2018

If video advertising became more action-oriented this past year, it’s in large part due to evolving consumer behavior. UX research we at YouTube carried out in 2018 revealed that, contrary to popular belief, people aren’t always looking for a leaned-back, passive viewing experience. Actually, as we discovered, many video viewers crave something more interactive.

Three lessons to inform your 2019 video marketing strategies

So how can brands adapt their video strategies in 2019 to capitalize on these new consumer behaviors and technologies? Here are three tips, proven successful by other brands, to help get you started.

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Source: Think With Google