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Two-Way Text Messaging

What is Two-Way Text Messaging and Why do 64% of your customers prefer it?

What is Two-Way Text Messaging and Why do 64% of your customers prefer it?

A two-way SMS platform is one that incorporates outbound and inbound text messaging into a unified service. With an astounding 98% open rate and over 14% average click-through rates, SMS is a channel with great potential for driving customer engagement. With two-way SMS, brands can provide a seamless experience to their shoppers by responding to any customer questions or requests via SMS or even go the extra mile and drive incremental engagement by creating two-way SMS marketing campaigns. Whether you’re a government agency, an educational sector, or a healthcare organization, responding to questions in a timely manner is the key for customer retention. Redtie Messaging helps your business to interact with customers personally, get to the point right away, eliminating the need for a long phone call.

How to Use Two-Way Messaging?

Imagine you’re a dental clinic that typically uses SMS to send appointment reminders. How can you take that further?

  • Send an SMS with the appointment reminder, but what’s next? Well, in that SMS ask the recipient to respond with “confirm” or “reschedule.”
  • If the recipient confirms, respond with a, “Thanks, see you then!”
  • If the recipient asks to reschedule, send the patient some available times over a web scheduler link for them to pick a date and time. You’ll save the revenue for another date, even if the patient needed to cancel at the time.
  • Dental clinics usually see their patients 1-2 times per year. Book the next appointment on the spot and use an SMS to send them a notification the next day with a link to add it to their calendar.

The same technique applies for Restaurants. Say that you’re running a restaurant during a slow time.

  • Send your opted-in SMS list a notification with Redtie and a link to your website.
  • What’s next? Ask if they’d like to book a table.
  • If recipients say yes, ask for the number of people coming.
  • Then send available times for the tables available.
  • They respond and book a table.

The same SMS campaign thinking can be applied for retail, winery, spa’s, hotels and nearly any customer service oriented business.

Respond to incoming messages rapidly and easily:

With Redtie Messaging, any of your agents can respond to every incoming message via its web interface. The mobile subscriber experiences the conversation just like any other text message thread on their phone, while your agents can view and respond to all messages using our web-based platform.

SMS is one of the fastest-growing channels for business communication. Here are a few surprising stats:

  • SMS open rates beat email nearly 5x over: 90% vs 20% – Open rate of SMS compared to email open rates (VoiceSage).

  • It takes the average person 90 seconds to respond to a text message ((GSMA).

  • 75% of people wouldn’t mind receiving an SMS text message from a brand (after opt-in) (Digital Marketing Magazine).

Many brands still simply use texting as a means to send messages in real-time to large groups of customers simultaneously. What they don’t realize is that many of those messages are getting responses. This means you could be leaving some serious relationship-building opportunities.

Having two-way text messaging to provide effortless service is essential to keeping customers satisfied. SMS/text notifications are found everywhere—from doctor appointment reminders to credit card fraud notifications, they’re commonly used to send messages, alerts, and reminders. With 90% of all text messages read within 3 minutes of being received, the opportunity to engage with a consumer on this channel is one of the most impactful.

Unlock user data:

You can use the SMS to unlock your user data, which is another significant aspect of two-way messaging that will ensure better customer engagement. When it comes to B2B marketers, it is a precious resource and technology to collect more useful customer information and data. This will help you to gain the exact information that you are looking for about your customers. Once you have this personalized data and information about your customers, it will further help you to leverage the personalized content as well as the promotions further down the line.

Therefore, given that fact that just about everyone today has a smartphone, the two-way messaging is ideally the perfect addition to your existing business marketing strategy.

Remember, you can send SMS for free..

Ready to try out two-way SMS messaging? 

With SMS booming as a sales channel for businesses, it’s time to step up and make even more use of it. Get started with Redtie, and start unleashing more engagement with two-way SMS messaging today.

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