Our integrated communications platform with built-in assistant offers FREE credits for you to explore our premium features now.

The Assistant

Redtie’s multi-channel capabilities are beautifully assisted with an AI-powered assistant. As a user you do not go and ask for the assistant. The assistant is always by your side and take essential tasks, provide recommendations and remind you of things. Here are some of the things the assistant is taking care of for you :

Filing Documents / Attachments:

If you have your email channel turned on, attachments with any of the emails coming to the address are extracted, tagged and attached to the contacts in the communications

Contact viewing :

When you are viewing a given contact, the assistant will inform you not only what channel is best for you to connect with them but also what time or day is best to do that.

Social posting :

When you use certain keywords to make a posting, the assistant will surf the best and propose relevant items to be posted along with proposed schedule.

The assistant is not just a one directional advisor. As an intelligent chatbot, you can talk with him/her at any time and he/she is there to you assist you. For example, you can ask the assistant to send a text message to you reminding about a meeting and he will make sure you get that text.