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It’s 2019 and still surprising that text holds the title as the most successful communications channel of all time. Why text is still a popular communication channel for businesses?


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The point is that people keep their phones handy and are always ready to use them to find information or check the latest updates.

It’s clear that we have become dependent on our phones. So, text messages have the natural advantage of being noticed and read almost immediately compared to an email.

Learn to deliver info through text messaging:

With the rise of instant messaging services, many online marketers have questioned the longevity of the text. But still, this communication channel has a strong loyal foothold and remains an ideal platform to delight customers with empathetic moments by delivering useful, relevant information to the right people and at the right time.

Let’s have a look on Text response rates:

text responses


It’s pretty clear that every message you send out is going to be read by your customers – which means that text message is incredibly powerful.

So, how does a business like yours could leverage its benefits?

The answer is Redtie’s Text Channel which allows you to send text messages from its web interface to one or tagged group of your contacts. The most interesting aspect is that the replies of your text campaign are brought under its inbound area.

Moreover,  it is possible to schedule text messages ahead of time up to one year in advance.

Use text message channel to share promotions, coupons or discounts that will keep your business engaged with customers.

You can set up a campaign and have hundreds of clicks within minutes. You can personalize your message, direct users to fun games where they can win coupons, and track every step of the conversion process.

Key Points to remember:

Keep the content short and attention-grabbing

Use phrases like hurry, quick, offer ends soon

Send an enticing deal or offer

What about after a couple of years?

While new communication channels come and go, the text remains the most successful communications platform of all time. And why not give text channel a try today, it’s free to Sign up and enable “Text Channel”.

Redtie’s text channel – How it works?

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