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Text Message With Attachments

Text Message With Attachments

Text Messages with Attachments

Text is an extremely versatile communication tool that has evolved significantly over the last decade. While many people rarely check their emails or avoid social media, everyone uses text. 

Text offers an easy response mechanism, one that enables seamless two-way conversations. It’s this blended experience that modern, mobile-first consumers now expect and actively seek out from their chosen brands.

All businesses from retailers, restaurants, salons and more are getting used to the new way of engaging with their customers. 

Now go a step beyond and attach coupons, invoices, flyers, thank you videos and much more to your text messages and  give that much needed personal touch for your customers.

Yes, text messages with attachments is the new way out to spike up your business engagement to the next higher level and see your customers coming back to you.

How can your business use SMS attachments?

Instead of simply telling your customers about a promotion, why not show it? Visual files will ensure that customers remember your company. Restaurants can send menus and offers via text. Events companies can send calendars, surveys and agendas. 

Utilising SMS to manage appointments or bookings also helps to reduce inbound call and enquiries, providing customers with the information and tools they need, freeing up phone lines for more urgent issues. 

Text attachments don’t cost a penny. The only thing you will be paying for is the SMS. Redtie allows you to attach PDFs, images and Word documents upto 100 Mb file size.


Don’t wait for customers to pick up one of your menus, attach it to a text message and send it out to your opt-in database. 

PDF Brochures:

Direct Mail is typically expensive and produces low response rates. Attaching a PDF brochure to a text message carries no additional costs and delivers a far greater chance of your brochure being read.

Photo Attachments:

Attach a JPEG to your text message to easily transmit pictures in the most cost effective way.

Top 5 advantages of using text messages:

  1. Fast Delivery and Open Rates

90% of texts are read within 5 seconds, which is a better open rate than any other digital contact method. It also provides a reliable way to send updates or get fast replies.

  1. Cost-Effective

Low cost per message combined with high response rates gives SMS promotional messages a high return on investment. In contrast, contacting thousands of customers in a brief time period can be expensive through other methods.

  1. Easy to Manage

Text messages can be created and sent in seconds, keep messages short and simple. Focus on getting across the key information, including your company name, the product or service offered and the value of the discount or deal.

  1. Better than MMS

Adding a download link to your text is more effective than MMS.

  1. Pay Only for Texts

Adding an attachment to your text message costs nothing extra.

For the best text message platform, consider opting for ‘Redtie’ two-way text messaging software. Sign up for a free trial now and see how it can help you take your business to the next level.

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