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Digital Marketing for Healthcare – Everything You Need To Know

Digital Marketing for Healthcare Digital Marketing for Healthcare - Everything You Need To Know Healthcare professionals work hard to win their patient’s trust. While the goal is to keep people healthy, you still want to maintain patient relationships for when they need you. “Searching for health information is the 3rd most popular online activity” In the past, healthcare marketing...
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Find out how Email Marketing can help Healthcare sector?

healthcare email marketing

Find out how Email Marketing can help the Healthcare sector? Email continues to be an effective strategy for healthcare marketers looking to improve patient engagement, market services, and products and increase ROI. In fact, patients who visit a website through email marketing tend to set more appointments. It is an effective way to keep patients…

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Voice over Text

Text-to-Speech messages Is 'VOICE' really taking over 'TEXT'? The art of communication with machines(computers) is evolving pretty fast. Artificial intelligence has made way for machine learning and deep learning, the results are mind-blowing. Decades past, Artificial Intelligence was a closed subject and was held tight under the wraps of MIT and military agencies. But the past few years things have changed. The Internet brought it...
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Support your customers like never before

support your customers like never before_redtie Support Your Customers Like Never Before. How Live Chat on Your Website Can effectively Maximize Conversions? Digital marketing has seen quite a few innovations and one among those caught attention among businesses is Chat Widget. It is one of the best way to build personal connections with your customers. In the current business era, customers...
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