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Facebook: Can’t protect users’ data alone Facing an intense public scrutiny over data leaks amid privacy concerns, Facebook has now called for the entire tech industry to come and protect people’s data. According to David Baser, Director of Product Management at

Messenger Kids Launches In Mexico Messenger Kids, Facebook’s parent-controlled messaging app that lets kids text, call, video chat, and use face filters, has now arrived in Mexico. The launch follows Messenger Kids’ recent expansion outside the U.S., where in June it first

Facebook As The Ultimate Government Surveillance Tool? Earlier this month it came out that among Facebook’s myriad algorithmically induced advertising categories was an entry for users whom the platform’s data mining systems believed might be interested in treason against their government. Read more

Facebook and Twitter’s Valuations Are Baffling Some smart analysts recently urged calm about the eye-popping stock market values of a handful of U.S. technology superstars, including Apple Inc. and Amazon.com Inc. The gist is that their lofty share prices don't indicate