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Five Fun Things You Can Do With Redtie

five things you can do with Redtie 5 Fun Things to Do With Redtie We built Redtie to meet communication use cases using text messaging, phone calls, chat, and social media channels. Most of these use cases are enterprise-focused and frankly boring. For example, one of the largest energy utility companies in the US has integrated Redtie to detect weak electric signals coming...
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Future Of Blockchain | Predictions

What Does The Future Of Blockchain Hold? 10 Predictions From Tech Experts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been an extremely hot topic lately, with both positive and negative speculations about its future. Despite the growing interest in cryptocurrency and its underlying blockchain technology, new crypto ventures are far from overwhelmingly successful — in fact, TechCrunch reported that more than 1,000…

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Cryptocurrency | Blockchain | Funds

Cryptocurrency and blockchain bring asia funds to the forefront of us tech Since early 2017, there’s been a new trend in the U.S. where a number of Asian funds have been actively involved in early-stage crypto investing. Many folks in traditional tech have not heard of them before, but these funds will only be growing…

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