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small business How omnichannel messaging platform works best for a small business? | Try it for FREE Redtie is the first omnichannel messaging platform for businesses. We help businesses connect with their customers and prospects real smart. With Redtie you can do, manage, organize things like Sales Promotions Marketing Campaigns Order Confirmations Discount Coupons or Vouchers Virtual Gifts...
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Dark Marketing

dark marketing

How Dark Marketing Is Improving Startups’ And Large Brands’ Social Strategies While many marketers view dark marketing as a scary unknown, clued-in companies of all sizes are using these practices to build stronger relationships with their audiences — away from the prying eyes of the competition. This isn’t about using black hat social media techniques, like…

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Automation | Revolution

Speed of innovation, the essence of survival Speed is the absolute essence of combat, according to the book The Principles of Personal Defense, and for many companies facing the challenges of digital disruption and the fierce competition it brings, today’s business scene must feel like a combat zone. To survive in this battleground, speed, especially in…

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Amazon | Cinema Business

Amazon is reportedly looking to buy up a cinema chain Amazon has already established brick-and-mortar stores selling its products and groceries, and now it apparently wants a slice of the cinema business. As reported by Bloomberg, Amazon is looking to acquire Landmark Theatres, which claims to be the largest cinema chain dedicated to independent and foreign…

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How to Build a Business Using Social Media?

Running a business is more than setting up a #website, google analytics, and #digitalmarketing. All of these things are super important for growing your #brand, gaining an #audience, and getting your voice heard. #SocialMedia platforms are the absolute best way to promote your brand. Sign Up and find out what “Redtie” can do for your…

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#Leads are the qualified prospects who can become #customers of your #brand. Simply building your site is no guarantee that prospects will come and engage with it, and it won’t be a good source for lead generation if there are no #visitors. Sign Up and find out what “#Redtie” can do for your #business. www.getredtie.com

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