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Facebook | Phone Number | Ads

Facebook admits using your phone number for targeted ads Facebook has admitted that the phone numbers that its users provide for security purposes are being used to target them with ads, the media reported. “We use the information people provide to offer a better, more personalised experience on Facebook, including ads,” a Facebook spokesperson was quoted as…

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Digital | Ads | US

Digital now makes up 51% of US ad spending Ad sales up, especially digital. Magna says that “net advertising sales” will grow by 6.9 percent this year to reach $207 billion, which is “a new all-time high.” And, for the first time, digital ad revenues surpassed 50 percent of total ad spending in the US. The…

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Google | Ad Strength

Google Measures Effectiveness of Ads With New ‘Ad Strength’ Indicator Google has introduced a new tool for helping advertisers measure the effectiveness of their ads before they go live. A new ad strength indicator measures responsive search and display ads on a scale from “Poor” to “Excellent.” Read more… Source:  Search Engine Journal

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YouTube | Non-skippable ads

YouTube to Roll Out Non-Skippable Ads to All Creators YouTube will soon be expanding non-skippable ads to all creators who can already monetize content. This update will be happening within the week, and creators will receive a notification letting them know when they’re able to run non-skippable ads. Read more… Source:  Search Engine Journal

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Connect with your customers @ Social Media


Social media is the best way to connect with your customers. 91% of brands are using more than one social media platform. social media(Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google ads) will lead to real relationship building if you’re doing it right. One of the reasons social media is important is because of the highly customizable nature of social media…

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