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SMS for Healthcare

SMS for Healthcare

SMS for Healthcare

Healthcare professionals have been working 24/7 through this pandemic period to save millions of lives. Due to covid restrictions, the industry has been forced into telehealth and virtual appointments, something that will redefine public health operations beyond the current pandemic.

From patient text reminders to telehealth messaging, see the effective role text messaging plays with its amazing opening rate of 98%.

A recent study found that 77% of patients perform online research prior to booking an appointment. Even more profound, another study by the Pew Internet & American Life project found that “93 million Americans (approximately 80% of Internet users) have searched for a health-related topic online”

By staying digitally engaged with Patients you gain their trust.. Text messages have the highest opening rate – 98%. Hence, having a text messaging tool perhaps is the most important need for healthcare businesses to stay connected with patients.

A healthcare organisation’s contact lists can easily be segmented and messages could be sent to targeted groups based on their specific needs.

1. Effective document sharing over a text message.

You can share documents such as a patient’s lab test report, scan report, prescriptions, x-ray, scan reports and much more attached over a simple text message. This paves way for effective contact less reports sharing in this pandemic period.

2. Automate appointment scheduling.

You can make it easy for your clients and patients to book services with automated scheduling and reminders. The option to easily reschedule via text message prevents no-shows and by using automation you save time by not having to make changes manually.

3. Stay compliant with patient privacy.

A secure messaging platform with administrative functions to control settings on sending and receiving messages means you never have to stress about ensuring patient privacy.

4. Keep in touch with your patients: 

Send helpful health tips and news to show your expertise. A common and effective marketing practice across all industries is to create content that shows people you’re an expert in your field that wants to help others. Set some time aside to write helpful articles or develop a set of tips that will help your patients.

5. Build long-lasting relationships:

It’s good to work on acquiring new patients, but you also need to take time for your existing patients, who provide reviews to your service and do word-of-mouth marketing for you.

6. Stay on to of mind:

People want to know that you care about their health beyond when they need you. So what are you gonna say? Show them that you care and encourage them to be proactive with their health by sharing health-related events and seminars that they can attend.

Why Is SMS for Healthcare reliable?

-Texting creates a much more personal connection.

-Texting is easy to use and highly interactive.

-Text messaging is suitable for timely deals since your customers are more likely to see the message quickly.

-Text messages are delivered and opened in real-time, making them ideal if you require immediate action or are sending out meeting reminders.

-Texting has high engagement rates with a 98% open rate and a 45% response rate.

-Texting comes with an easy to opt-in and opt-out option.

-It is a very cost-effective communication or marketing channel for small businesses.

-Texts are easily accessible and do not need an internet connection.

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