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Customer retention is the key for your business growth. A Business should provide the best of customer service to retain loyal customers. One thing a customer hates is long waiting time on their calls to get hold of a customer service agent. Every customer wants them to be attended immediately and treated well.

So, how do you do that?

The solution is, a smart live chat that runs on your website and acts as a the gate-keeper between you and your customers.

With Live chat, customers get the opportunity to chat with you in real time while they’re on your website. It’s quick, convenient and customers love it because it’s 100x faster to solve customer queries.

Engage with site visitors when they need you most.
Live Chat lets your customers know you’re ready to help them at any time during their visit. Engage with site visitors when they are looking for support, specific items, or trying to make a buying decision.

Let’s take a deep dive into how live chat can effectively be used for converting visitors into customers.

What is live chat for website?

Live chat allows companies to connect in real-time with prospects who visit their website. It is one of the best tools that many B2B companies are utilizing on their websites.

Why? Because it converts.

According to Kayako “79% of businesses said that implementing live chat resulted in increased customer loyalty, sales and revenue.”


Reasons why you need Live Chat to boost sales:

1. Fast response is incredibly important

So, if you want to be qualifying leads, there’s simply no other way to do it as fast as live chat.

2.Solve customer queries even when you’re not there

Use chatbots to engage with customers and offer easy solutions to their most common problems.

How to enable live chat to your website in minutes?

Signup https://www.redtie.co/v3/app/signup and enable “Chat Channel”.

In Settings, copy the “java script” and paste it in your website.

Once you’ve installed chat, you can start taking advantage of Redtie chat on your website.

Redtie Chat Customization:

You can easily customize the chat widget color to match your brand.

Next, set up a greetings text.

Greetings text is what people are going to see when they land on your site for the first time.

Save the settings and it’s super easy to set up on your own.

Now, start collecting more leads by quick response and help people to fix their problems ASAP.
Gone are the days of sitting on an outdated chat platform and waiting for help. Redtie is one of the best tools you implement on your website today. So let’s get started. 

Sign up Redtie, Multi-channel Messaging Platform and Know how a chat widget can be the best customer support channel for your business, Get it now!