How to get into digital transformation in 2020?

Digital transformation is simply put – going paperless or hyper-converged, opting for cloud driven processes in operations of a business.

Its underlying efforts are fragmented. A business leader will need to learn, experience and understand its benefits.

In course of time and underlying complexity of digital transformation, the processes get deviated and losses control, consequently doomed to fail. In fact, more than 65  percent of digital transformation efforts fail.

To avoid this, digital transformation needs be strategic. There has to be a real reason for the change and not just for the sake of its glamour and fancy aspects.

In order to get ready with a strategic framework, you will need to read these points below, understand and get answers to the questions put forward.

  1. Understand your specific need. Why are you looking to go digital?
  1. Understand your capabilities. Detail as much as possible on what you’re capable of to avoid the risk of failure.
  1. Identify key stakeholders and seek input and feedback throughout the implementation process.
  1. Take one component at a time and go for implementation.
  1. Set regular benchmarks and check in regularly on your progress towards the goal.
  1. Seek for continuous improvement. Digital transformation is not a one-time process. It is a technology evolution that requires constant progression toward a fully integrated digital infrastructure.  

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