How Dark Marketing Is Improving Startups’ And Large Brands’ Social Strategies

While many marketers view dark marketing as a scary unknown, clued-in companies of all sizes are using these practices to build stronger relationships with their audiences — away from the prying eyes of the competition. This isn’t about using black hat social media techniques, like buying Instagram followers from Russia. It’s about segmenting data to deliver targeted messages to interested audiences — and interested audiences only.

Dark marketing, or posts published only to targeted individuals, relies on highly specific targeting practices to create the most personalized advertisements possible. People share all sorts of information online, especially on social media. Marketers can use information ranging from demographic categories to dream vacation goals to develop campaigns that speak to individuals on a personal level. Also called unpublished posts, dark ads can promote an event or a product in a consumer’s news feed without posting anything on the company’s social page.

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Source: Forbes