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Be accessible anytime from anywhere to your Customers with Redtie live chat software

Answer them when it matters the most and create the bond of trust and loyalty. Start getting leads like never before with Redtie live chat software for your website.

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Redtie Chat

Redtie has engineered and built 2 models of chat services

Redtie Chat Widget

Redtie's default chat widget

The chat window is fully customizable and you get notified by browser push, email or SMS/Voice for every visitor to the site that connects via Chat. The primary goal here is to collect the website visitors name and email address. Simply, a lead generation tool.

Redtie Chat
Redtie Chat

Redtie powered chatbot

Consumers expect instant responses. It is a sales rep for your website. Chatbot software does all from guiding the user to getting needed information for data collection as well. The bot is programmed to initiate conversation and answer questions on your behalf, primarily to drive customer engagement.

Redtie Chat Automated Chatbot
Redtie Chat Live
Redtie Chat

How to get it?

  • Sign up
  • Create your business profile
  • Turn ON the chat channel
  • Copy the java script code snippet under chat settings
  • Paste it on your website's code base
Chat Channel
Redtie Chat Features

Deploy the Chat widget code in websites or mobile applications

Collect contact information organically to make every incoming visitor as a lead

Configure device specific greetings for desktop, tablet and phone devices

Make the chat happen via the chat interface or SMS (in case of phone device)

Get notified by browser push, email or SMS/Voice for every visitor to the site that connects via Chat

Ability to connect with visitors by email or SMS/Voice after they have left the website


John Phelps

CMO, Pine Healthcare

Our onboarding to Redtie chat channel was that simple. It garners the required customer engagement aspect and  resolved the issues as the chat widget worked like a charm on desktops and smartphones. With their handy dashboard we no longer need any other tool to answer customer queries. Happens to be the best chat widget we’ve tried for our website.

Redtie Email

Why chat tool is a must for your enterprise?

A statistical answer

  • 29% of consumers have conveyed about a positive live chat experience
  • 38% of consumers are more likely to buy if they offer helpdesk support
  • 51% of consumers are more likely to stay with or buy again if they offer live chat support
Redtie Chat Customization