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“Make your chat more lively & interesting with Redtie | Chat channel”

What is Redtie?


The chat channel is the gateway of website visitors to connect with the organization. With a simple embed script added to the website, a chat window is immediately deployed. The chat window is fully customizable for not only presentation but also functionality. The incoming chat requests are stored and any given contact information is used to populate the contact information of the person.


63% of the visitors of the website are likely to return to the site if it has Chat facility available.

Use Cases

“May I help you ?” desk for printing business

sfprint is a printing and copying business located in the city of San Francisco. The business is strategically located next to the civic center, federal courts and conference centers. It is very important for the business to be able to answer queries coming up before the customers stop by to give the orders. It will be a poor customer experience if they are told something is not possible after they made the effort to walk into the store. To solve this, the business has installed Redtie’s Chat channel. Visitors at the website are now able to provide quick answers to queries so the customer arrives at the store fully knowledgeable about the service.

Lead Generation for Professional Services

Your Business Service, in short YBS is a professional services organization that provides variety of services to medium to large corporations. YBS adds new business lines and was looking for ways to create leads for the newly introduced lines of services. The company rolled out Redtie’s Chat channel to lead the visitors to ping the business to get more information, thereby providing the business with a lead pipeline.