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Study World Group

Study World Group is head-quartered in Dubai. It has a wide network in different countries and are engaged in a variety of education management activities ranging from K-12 schools to Universities.

Their Group activities includes:

Nurseries, Schools, Vocational Training Institutes, Colleges, Universities, Education Management, Infrastructure Support, Student Accommodation and Transport and Student Recruitment and Marketing.

Recently, they have stepped into Digital Marketing efforts as part of their branding exercise. Social Media presence and user acquisition was on their minds and they subscribed to Redtie’s social channel.


Study World Group wanted to have their presence felt by users on Social Media, their preferences were towards setting up an energetic, vibrant and interactive social media ecosystem, especially for their Engineering Division – Study World College of Engineering

We were put up with a challenge to achieve this within a span of 6 months. The client’s vision and goal was to attract more number of students all over the world, university consultants and communities introducing themselves on the most vibrant medium – Social Media.

Expectations was to achieve a certain number of admissions, simply said -Lead conversion. The college’s features, MoU(s), special programs and other unique features were the core things that were required to be advertised via social media. Internationalisation was one other aspect that they were looking for, to pull in more students of various countries.


Redtie helped Study World re-brand their social media outlook. Social Media is the best channel to Connect with (and Learn from!) Consumers & Industry Leaders.

Redtie was on spot and lead to real relationship building for the client with their user-base/ students. We started from zero to where it is now, get a glimpse on the analytics right below. We did it all, setting up a Unique theme, colouring, content discipline, content tone, news, content publishing, automation and scheduling were all done for them targeting in primary social networks – facebook, twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn.

Content was the key performer for Study World Group. Yes, our team of social media experts and content writers helped to create compelling and mind blowing posts for them. Now, we have built strong social media presence for Study World and it is on-going process for us to build their brand loyalty. We delivered the right content to the right audience at the right moment.

Social media posts were used to drive targeted traffic to the group website (http://www.swehg.com/swengineering/) to boosts the SEO stuff as well.

Facebook Insights

Page Likes :

As on Mar 01, 20171325,  As on Aug 18, 2017 2352

Page Views :

From Jan 01, 2017 to Mar 01, 2017 – Max Page view is 46

From Mar 01, 2017 to Aug 18, 2017 – Max Page view is 352

Post Reach :

From Jan 01, 2017 to Mar 01, 2017 – Max post reach is 589


From Mar 01, 2017 to Aug 18, 2017 – Max post reach is 11,166


Social Value

From Jan 01, 2017 to Mar 01, 20170 Sessions


From Mar 01, 2017 to Aug 17, 2017 31,180 Sessions


How social media efforts helped in Web traffic ?


Audience Overview :

From Jan 01, 2017 to Mar 01, 20170 Users


From Mar 01, 2017 to Aug 17, 2017 24,914 Users

Organic Search :

From Jan 01, 2017 to Mar 01, 20170 Sessions


In the last two month the Organic Search was in second position


From Mar 01, 2017 to Aug 17, 2017 3,321 Sessions