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Amazon | Facial Recognition

Amazon Urged Not to Sell Facial Recognition Technology to Police Amazon began marketing a facial recognition system, called Rekognition, to law enforcement agencies as a means of identifying suspects shortly after the tool was introduced in 2016. Now, Amazon came under criticism from the American Civil Liberties Union and a group of more than two…

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Software | Robot | RPA

Robotic process automation

The Software Robot Invasion is Underway One of the more disruptive emerging technologies, robotic process automation (RPA), appears primed for significant growth, despite the fact that many organizations remain confused or concerned about the impact these tools might have on their operations. For some, RPA is seen as a technology designed to replace full-time human…

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Japan | 4IR

japan 4ir

The Next Industrial Revolution Is Rising In Japan The world is speaking about what’s happening in Silicon Valley and Shenzhen, but it is not aware that Japan has created a very successful startup community and of course, large companies have shown again and again that they have a strong innovative power Read more… Source: Forbes

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MIT | AI | Reddit

MIT fed an AI data from Reddit, and now it only thinks about murder Even people who study AI have a healthy respect for the field’s ultimate goal, artificial general intelligence, or an artificial system that mimics human thought patterns. A number of organizations have sprung up in recent years to combat that potential, including…

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Innoviz | Automotive

Israeli autonomous technology developer Innoviz is entering China’s car market Innoviz, a developer of light detection and ranging technologies for computer vision and autonomous vehicles, is getting a toehold in China, the world’s fastest-growing auto market, through a partnership with the Chinese automotive supplier HiRain Technologies. Read more… Source: TC

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Fitbit | Versa

Fitbit has shipped more than a million Versa smartwatches The company’s women’s health tracker has been a success among early adopters, with more than 2.4 million users adding the feature to their app. That number includes 1.8 million users who have added one or more periods to their calendar. It’s certainly a sign that a…

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AI | Big Data | And Robotics


Industry Leaders Reap All Benefits From AI, Big Data, And Robotics. So How Can SMEs Stay Relevant? Robotics, AI, and Big Data provide great opportunities for startups and agile SMEs. According to research, the World Economic Forum did with Accenture, the bulk of gains goes to the 20% industry leaders in each industry. Without the…

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Walmart | Robot Bees

Walmart Has Patented Autonomous Robot Bees The robot bees would operate using sensors and cameras to help them navigate to crops. Flying around autonomously, these drones could potentially pollinate as effectively as the real thing. The reasons behind Walmart’s sudden interest in farming drones have to be left up to interpretation. Read more… Source: WorldEconomicForum

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