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Blockchain | Software Security

How can blockchain applications adapt & adopt software security best practices? Traditional tooling for secure software development has not yet adapted to blockchain-centric software. Highly distributed and trustless systems introduce entirely new threats and require new ways of reasoning about software flaws. Developers need audited and proven frameworks for creating secure code from common patterns….

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AI | Doctor

AI’s health advice is as good as a doctor’s, the startup says The company’s team tested the AI against seven experienced primary care doctors using 100 independently devised symptom sets. Babylon’s AI was 80 percent accurate, while the doctors had an accuracy range of 64 percent to 94 percent. The technology’s accuracy jumped to 98…

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NASA | Noise Reduction

noise reduction

NASA’s Noise Reduction Technology Reduces Aircraft Noise by More Than 70 Percent NASA successfully combined several technologies including Landing Gear NR, landing gear cavity treatments, and the Adaptive Compliant Trailing Edge flexible wing flap, on various airframe components of a Gulfstream III research aircraft to achieve a greater than 70 percent reduction in airframe noise….

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Hyperloop | India

hyperloop india

Richard Branson’s Hyperloop in India Could Cost Less Than $150 Virgin Hyperloop One, the futuristic transportation company backed by the British tycoon, wants to build a network of high-speed pods that can carry people and cargo across India. It’s looking to price the ride at less than what airlines charge in a market where air…

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