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Hackers | Passwords

Here’s What Hackers Do With All Your Stolen Passwords Hackers are constantly scouring the Internet for their next target. One of their favorite things to attack is a vulnerable database server. That’s because such servers store all kinds of data that could be useful in future attacks. They’re after personal data like names, addresses… and…

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Walmart Acquiring Shopify

Walmart Acquiring Shopify Is No Longer A Laughable Idea As competition between Walmart  and Amazon  intensifies, the acquisition of Shopify’s merchant marketplace may be the boost that the Walton family’s juggernaut needs to move ahead. Read more… Source: Tech Crunch

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AmEx | Blockchain

american express

American Express Thinks Blockchains Could Help Prove Payments American Express is on the hunt for better ways of proving when transactions occur and a new patent filing suggests the financial services giant may be looking at blockchain as part of a possible solution. In a patent application released by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office…

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AI | Business

The Economics Of Artificial Intelligence – How Cheaper Predictions Will Change The World Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a lot of things. It’s a game changer for business, it can enable humans to work smarter and faster than ever before, and it could potentially have a significant impact on economies and the labor market. Read more……

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iPhone X | Dual Sim

New iPhone X Leaks Reveal Apple’s Competitive Failure Apple is looking to introduce dual-SIM technology to the iPhone family this year. The technology, widely available on high- and mid-range Android handsets, will finally debut in the iPhone X Plus, Apple’s most expensive handset and the first phablet version of the iPhone design that debuted with…

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Elon Musk | Submarine

elon musk

Elon Musk says SpaceX is building a ‘kid-sized submarine’ to rescue trapped soccer team Elon Musk says the vehicle is “fitted for a kid or small adult to minimize open air,” with compartments to add weights to account for buoyancy. He also noted that the pod has handles on the front and rear, as well…

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