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How to get into digital transformation in 2020?

digital transformation

How to get into digital transformation in 2020? Digital transformation is simply put – going paperless or hyper-converged, opting for cloud driven processes in operations of a business. Its underlying efforts are fragmented. A business leader will need to learn, experience and understand its benefits. In course of time and underlying complexity of digital transformation,…

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Sundar Pichai | AI

Google’s Sundar Pichai on artificial intelligence: Threat to humans real; there’s a need for regulation Sundar Pichai said that AI is the main tool behind new-age innovation and discoveries like driverless cars or disease detecting algorithm. However, the companies need to make sure that the technology can’t be illegally exploited or abused.  Pichai said that AI is…

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Elon Musk | Tesla | Nostalgia

Elon Musk’s nostalgia is not a good idea Musk argues that the pressure of short sellers and the volatility of Tesla’s stock is distracting him and his employees way too much: They cannot concentrate on the long term. Musk has probably in mind a similar move that Michael Dell made in 2013. Read more… Source:…

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AI | Healthcare | Africa


How New Technologies Could Transform Africa’s HealthCare System Across industrial sectors, from healthcare to energy, from construction to retail, engineers are creating new technologies with potentially disruptive implications for the current architectural order of the global economy. One of the technologies, an “AI doctor”, shows great promise for the future of health care in Africa….

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Heard about Koa.js ? Koa.js is a JavaScript framework, it has some key updates towards the development aspects of middleware development. Middleware is a layer on webapplication stack that keeps every aspect integrated into a network to run smoothly. Read more… Source: Ble Media Solutions

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Fake News | Online Rating System

Fake News: Could A New Online Rating System Help Fight Misinformation? After having tried other approaches, like partnering with fact-checking organizations, big tech companies like Facebook and Google seem to be now particularly keen on solving the fake news issue by implementing technical solutions, such as scoring web pages or using artificial intelligence to detect them. Read…

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