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Find out how Email Marketing can help Healthcare sector?

healthcare email marketing

Find out how Email Marketing can help the Healthcare sector? Email continues to be an effective strategy for healthcare marketers looking to improve patient engagement, market services, and products and increase ROI. In fact, patients who visit a website through email marketing tend to set more appointments. It is an effective way to keep patients…

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Good Email Marketing

good Email_Marketing redtie

Creating Email Marketing That People Love It’s no surprise that more than half of marketers say email is their most effective channel in generating revenue (BtoB Magazine). Email marketing is indeed an incredibly effective way to communicate with your audience and facilitate the path through the sales and marketing funnel, turning strangers into delighted customers….

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Redtie Integration with Zendesk

integrate with zendesk Redtie Integration with Zendesk This article will guide you through the process of integrating your Zendesk account with Redtie account.  To integrate Redtie with your Zendesk account, simply follow the steps below: 1. In the Contacts admin panel, click on Integrations. 2. To fully integrate Redtie with Zendesk you will need your API Key. Please log...
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How to Integrate with MailChimp

mailchimp-redtie How to Integrate with MailChimp To integrate Redtie with your MailChimp account, simply follow the steps below: 1. In the Contacts admin panel, go to Integrations and click on the MailChimp tile. 2. Click Connect to fully integrate Redtie with MailChimp. 3. To do so, you need your user name and password for MailChimp account.  4. MailChimp...
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IBM Challenges | Developers

IBM launches challenges for developers and partners to scale biz The Startup with IBM program which was earlier known as the Global Entrepreneur Program will continue to help startups grow their business. In addition, IBM has also initiated Call for Code, a 5-year global challenge that aims to solve a societal problem. The challenge is…

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Software | Robot | RPA

Robotic process automation

The Software Robot Invasion is Underway One of the more disruptive emerging technologies, robotic process automation (RPA), appears primed for significant growth, despite the fact that many organizations remain confused or concerned about the impact these tools might have on their operations. For some, RPA is seen as a technology designed to replace full-time human…

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