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IBM Challenges | Developers

IBM launches challenges for developers and partners to scale biz The Startup with IBM program which was earlier known as the Global Entrepreneur Program will continue to help startups grow their business. In addition, IBM has also initiated Call for Code, a 5-year global challenge that aims to solve a societal problem. The challenge is…

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Software | Robot | RPA

Robotic process automation

The Software Robot Invasion is Underway One of the more disruptive emerging technologies, robotic process automation (RPA), appears primed for significant growth, despite the fact that many organizations remain confused or concerned about the impact these tools might have on their operations. For some, RPA is seen as a technology designed to replace full-time human…

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AR | Art

These Artists Use AR to Pull You Inside Their Heads The artists were given these VR and AR platforms to stage their concepts. Creations were meant to show off the hardware and software innovations and to demonstrate the potential of the new tech. The audience can wander into their imagination Read more… Source: WIRED

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Fitbit | Versa

Fitbit has shipped more than a million Versa smartwatches The company’s women’s health tracker has been a success among early adopters, with more than 2.4 million users adding the feature to their app. That number includes 1.8 million users who have added one or more periods to their calendar. It’s certainly a sign that a…

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Apple | AR | Software

Apple Is Set to Unveil AR Upgrade, Software to Manage iPhone Use Apple engineers have been working on an initiative dubbed Digital Health, a series of tools to help users monitor how much time they spend on their devices and inside of certain applications. These details will be bundled into a menu inside of the…

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schools | AI

Chinese schools are testing AI that grades papers almost as well as teachers One in every four schools, or about 60,000 institutions, are quietly testing a machine learning-powered system that can score students’ work automatically, and even offer suggestions where appropriate. The 10-year-old grading software leverages deep learning algorithms Read more… Source: VB

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