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Category: Snapchat

Snapchat | Blockchain

How Snapchat’s Struggles Could Be Solved By Blockchain While all social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter are experiencing growth difficulties, Snap’s year has been a very unexpected one. Questions about their investor structure and concerns raised about changing revenue plans point directly to blockchain technology as a possible point of disruption. Read more… Source:…

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Social Media Marketing Apps

18 Essential Social Media Marketing Apps for Your Smartphone One of the greatest things about digital marketing is you can work from anywhere, anytime you want. Working within the environment where your content will be consumed lets you experience, create, and preview content the way your audience will see it. Plus, effective management of networks like Snapchat and…

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Snapchat | Payment Service

Snapchat to shut down mobile payment service Snapcash If you don’t remember Snapcash, don’t worry — on August 30th, Snap will discontinue its peer-to-peer money transfer service that launched at the height of the messaging app’s popularity. Read more… Source: The Verge

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Snapchat could soon get its own version of Instagram’s Boomerang It appears like Snapchat might soon be borrowing a function from Instagram, for as soon as. The app is at present testing a new video function that lets users create looping Boomerang-style videos. The function, referred to as “bounce,” is being examined in a beta…

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Snapchat | Messages

Snapchat Now Lets Users Delete Sent Messages Snapchat has rolled out a new feature that lets users delete messages from chats. If the user has push notifications turned on, they may know that a message was received. However, they won’t know what the message says if it’s deleted before they open it. Read more… Source:…

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