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India | Data Privacy

Why India needs to take data privacy seriously? Data privacy and protection is a fundamental foundation for an emerging data-driven economy like India. Permission marketing will be the next battleground brands or marketers will have to take cognisance of, as India transforms from a data-poor economy to a data-rich economy. Permission marketing, a word coined…

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Cybersecurity | 2018

Will People Start Taking Cybersecurity Seriously In 2018? Today, those conversations have pivoted towards cybersecurity, but in this case, there’s a much bigger issue staring these executives in the face — finding the people to do the work. Currently, the unemployed cybersecurity workforce sits at 0% and estimates put the number of unfilled rolls in…

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Google Chrome Warning HTTPS

Google Chrome Issues Final Warning on HTTPS Google Chrome announced that it will show a prominent “Not Secure” message in the browser bar starting in October 2018. Consider this your final warning. After October 2018 Chrome and likely all other Chrome-based browsers like Vivaldi will display enhanced security warnings that may create higher bounce rates…

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