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Why SaaS Products Need A Mobile App?

Saas Mobile App Why SaaS Products Need A Mobile App? Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution method where the software is hosted on a server and allows access to customers via the internet. It helps enterprises reduce the burden of holding on-premise IT establishment and dedicated staff to operate it and spending on its maintenance. ...
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There’s no escape from Facebook

F8 proved there’s no escape from Facebook During a keynote about privacy at F8, Facebook Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos shared an image of the world that used light to show the sheer size of the company’s network. It was intended to highlight all the places where people are using a Facebook product and, as…

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Twitter password

You should change your Twitter password right now Normally, sensitive personal data like passwords would be stored in hashed form using a mix of letters and numbers to protect the content of the password itself. In this instance, it sounds like Twitter stored plain text passwords openly without any hashing on an internal log. source:…

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