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Tesla | Mobile App

Tesla’s mobile app can turn on top speed limits from anywhere Tesla’s speed limiter feature will let you “limit vehicle speed and acceleration with speed limit mode” and that the maximum vehicle speed can be set between 50 to 90 mph. The software update for the speed limiter mode is rolling out starting today. There…

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Apple | AI phone

Apple introduces the AI phone Through a series of Siri enhancements and features, Apple is turning its iPhone into a highly personalized device, powered by its Siri AI. iPhone running a new mobile OS — will understand where you are, what you’re doing and what you need to know right then and there. Read more……

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Mobile app improves customer engagement

mobile application

Mobile app improves customer engagement Mobile apps are not meant only for big brands like Amazon, Walmart, Unilever. Nowadays midsize businesses are after mobile trend. Each business has its own dedicated mobile app. Redtie offers standard templates for creating the mobile apps which can be branded to the organization. You can create iOS and Android mobile applications….

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Redtie | Integrated Communications Platform with Inbuilt Assistant

#Redtie is a platform that unifies external electronic communications across #email, #sms, #voice, #social, #chat, #web and #mobile. Redtie can be used as a stand alone web / mobile web app, or integrated into existing mobile apps and enterprise workflows and use cases. Sign Up and find out what “Redtie” can do for your business….

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