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Category: Linkedin

LinkedIn | Facial Recognition

How Your LinkedIn Exposes You To Facial Recognition Hacks From Facebook overshares to accidental password posts on Twitter, there are many ways in which Web personas leak things of use to malicious hackers. But there’s one aspect of your online identity you might not expect to benefit ne’er-do-wells: your face. This was made evident when…

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LinkedIn | Voicemail

LinkedIn has voicemail now If you think unsolicited messages would be much better as voicemails, then LinkedIn’s newest feature is just for you. The company announced Thursday it’s adding a voice messages to its service, giving us yet another reason to leave our LinkedIn inboxes unchecked. Read more… Source: Mashable

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Why Digital Marketing?

Why Digital Marketing? How Do You Get Started? Digital marketing is revolutionizing the marketing industry and every business wants to have its benefits seen and leveraged. The world is quickly becoming digital. People are consuming digital content faster every day. Companies and the world, in general, are starting to recognise the importance of going digital and…

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GitHub, LinkedIn | Microsoft


How GitHub And LinkedIn Will Help Microsoft Drive The Cloud Revolution CLOUD WARS – For all of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s brilliant gambits in transforming his company into the world’s pre-eminent tech vendor, perhaps none will match the impact of his decisions to become a global community powerhouse via the acquisitions of LinkedIn two years…

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Linkedin | New Feature

Linkedin launches  travel time feature for new jobs When you visit job listings on LinkedIn from your mobile phone, you’ll start to see a ‘See Your Commute’ module. From here you can enter your address to calculate how long it would take you to get to your new office walking, driving or on public transportation…

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LinkedIn | Bing

LinkedIn Teams Up With Bing Maps to Show Commute Times on Job Postings A new feature available on LinkedIn sees the professional network team up with Bing Maps to provide users with information about commute times. Using the mobile app, LinkedIn users can now see what their commute time would be when viewing job postings. Read…

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LinkedIn Class 2017

LinkedIn Analyzed the Class of 2017 Landing a job fresh out of college is no easy feat. Although a vast majority of graduates feel they are ready to start their careers, the truth is that only 50 percent of managers agree, according to a PayScale report. This disparity in confidence is caused by a skills gap…

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