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Digital transformation Trend 2020 | Put the Customer at the Center of Everything You Do


Beyond Digital Transformation: Why the Customer Will Truly Be the Focus of 2020 There’s no denying that the motivating imperative driving every boardroom conversation is digital transformation. After all, we know from daily evidence that the promised digital disruption coming to every industry is already here, and it is accelerating faster than ever. It’s Simple:…

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Networks | IOT

Networks And IoT Play Nice Together In The Digital Age The Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining serious momentum these days, especially now that digital transformations are well underway. While IoT creates opportunities for new business models and revenue streams, it also creates challenges for organizations around connectivity, scalability, performance and security. Read more… Source: Forbes

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IoT | Farmer | Applications

How IoT Sensors Can Make a Farmer’s Life Easier IoT or ‘Internet of Things’ is all about connecting things through a wireless network so that they can remotely monitor, control, execute the assigned tasks. Farming isn’t a simple business anymore. Farmers are always under pressure to producing more food on fewer acres. They have to…

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AI, IoT | Investment

AI And IoT Lead The Way For Enterprise New Tech Investment In 2018 Of the 500 IT professionals surveyed, 38% claimed that AI was the primary focus of emerging tech projects, with IoT and blockchain coming in at 31% and 10%, respectively. IoT connected devices often generate the dizzying amounts of data necessary to train…

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