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Category: Gmail

Gmail | Android Users

Gmail’s ‘Undo Send’ Feature Finally Arrives for Android Users Google is finally rolling out Gmail features that were first Web-only, to its mobile verticals as well. One of the biggest features that arrived in 2015, after years of testing, was Undo Send – the ability to recall an email after tapping send button. This feature was a fresh welcome…

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Gmail | Cyber Threat

Gmail Users Warned of Cyber Threat Gmail users have been alerted about a new Google Mail feature which could be leveraged by online crooks to carry out a wave of scams, media reported. The company, in April, unveiled its brand new design which introduced a clean new user interface and a swathe of new features…

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Gmail – AI to Push smarter notifications

Gmail For iOS Is Using Ai To Push Smarter Notifications Google wants to use AI to help determine which emails you receive as notifications. The Gmail app on iOS (it’s not yet available on the Android version) now offers users an option to only get notifications for “high priority emails.” The feature uses artificial intelligence…

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Gmail | Redesign

Google’s enterprise ambition is the reason behind Gmail’s redesign Google has been aggressively targeting and gaining traction in the enterprise space, and that they have successfully converted millions of businesses to G Suite and corporate Gmail. What we see in the new design is a sense of reluctance to do anything too dramatic with the…

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Old Gmail

Google is starting to phase out the old Gmail design Google is giving G Suite administrators several months of warning to prepare themselves — and their users — for the coming change. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Google start to migrate free users over to the new design in the coming months as well….

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Have You Enabled the New Gmail?

Gmail’s Smart Compose will write emails for you Smart Compose also recognizes context. For example, if it’s Friday, it might suggest closing out your message with “Have a great weekend!” Google says the Smart Compose feature will start to appear for consumers over the next few weeks and will be integrated for G Suite customers…

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