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Hyundai Pilot Digital Marketing Program

Hyundai Pilot Digital Marketing Program Yields Results The company is calling it a “first-of-its-kind, fully-integrated digital marketing strategy spanning all of Hyundai’s dealerships across the Canadian market. Through transparency, trust and shared audience insights, we’re breaking down the barriers that traditionally prevent OEMs from engaging with their dealers to build effective brand consistency in the market. These…

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Four features

Four features that would tame Facebook Because of the closed nature of Facebook, there’s no robust way to see those messages without logging in, which is a big part of what keeps us coming back. Facebook has a great network, but the actual tools for posting aren’t particularly useful. Someone else could probably do better, especially…

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Why you can’t concentrate at work?

Neuroscientists have figured out why you can’t concentrate at work Even though most people think about themselves as primarily visual beings, neuroscience reveals a complex “connectome” of brain cells that connects all of our senses. Try writing a report in a noisy, uncomfortable place with the smells of the office microwave wafting over to your…

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Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI)

blockchain research

Automotive Giants BMW, GM, Ford & Renault on Blockchain Research Car makers BMW,  General Motors, Ford and Renault  are the big names behind a new group announced today to carry out blockchain research in the automotive and mobility space. The blockchain has the undoubted potential to impact a range of industries. The distributed ledger component and smart contracts,…

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