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Five Fun Things You Can Do With Redtie

five things you can do with Redtie 5 Fun Things to Do With Redtie We built Redtie to meet communication use cases using text messaging, phone calls, chat, and social media channels. Most of these use cases are enterprise-focused and frankly boring. For example, one of the largest energy utility companies in the US has integrated Redtie to detect weak electric signals coming...
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Develop Ethereum Platform

11 Companies Join ‘Agreements Network’ To Develop Ethereum Platform For Lawyers If successful, the platform stands to save time and money not only for clients seeking support from law firms but the lawyers who rely on countless middlemen to execute their services. Read more… Source: Forbes

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Ethereum is predicted to increase

The price of Ethereum is predicted to increase significantly this year Why buy Ethereum – Bitcoin transactions take around 10 minutes, whereas an Ether transaction takes only 15 seconds. Ever since Ethereum launched in July 2015 it has been hugely popular with investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. In truth, even before the crypto was introduced to the market, interest…

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