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10x your customer loyalty with smart technologies and personalization techniques

customer loyalty ecommerce 10x your customer loyalty with smart technologies and personalization techniques Do you own an Ecommerce driven business? Yes? keep reading. An Ecommerce business is miles away from the customer personalization aspect. A physical store has the advantage of store keepers attending personally each and every customer but that’s not the case with online stores. This...
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Hyperloop | India

hyperloop india

Richard Branson’s Hyperloop in India Could Cost Less Than $150 Virgin Hyperloop One, the futuristic transportation company backed by the British tycoon, wants to build a network of high-speed pods that can carry people and cargo across India. It’s looking to price the ride at less than what airlines charge in a market where air…

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LinkedIn Class 2017

LinkedIn Analyzed the Class of 2017 Landing a job fresh out of college is no easy feat. Although a vast majority of graduates feel they are ready to start their careers, the truth is that only 50 percent of managers agree, according to a PayScale report. This disparity in confidence is caused by a skills gap…

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IoT Network Nokia

Why Nokia Is Partnering with a Crypto Startup Nokia, a Finland-based multinational communications and information technology provider, has announced a project to give people in remote rural areas a chance to have mobile connectivity and enjoy the benefits of the digital economy, according to a post on the company’s blog. Read more… Source: ccn

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