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Digital Marketing Myths

To clear things up we’re going to review The 7 Digital Marketing Myths! Metrics, analytics, ROI. These are what digital marketing was built on, but what if the reports that you’re using to make marketing decisions are no longer valid? I think that the only thing that moves faster, in digital marketing, than new technologies…

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Big Data | Digital Marketing Efforts

SIX WAYS BIG DATA CAN REFINE YOUR DIGITAL MARKETING EFFORTS Enterprise leaders want to monetize their digital assets, promote an information-driven culture and leverage the full potential of their big data systems. However, most marketers fail to achieve these objectives because they deploy their data scientists poorly. In addition, they don’t devote enough attention to their data-driven…

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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends That Are Changing The Way We Market To Consumers With everything turning to digital, it means companies are also jumping online to market their businesses. And to survive the challenges of digital marketing, brands need to keep up with the latest trends. Successfully reaching one’s target audience is no longer just putting…

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