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Category: Digital Marketing

Data Exposure


What is ethical digital marketing? There are two aspects to this. First is the responsibility of protecting the consumer’s data that you collect. An ethical digital marketer must take great care from both technology and organizational procedures standpoint in keeping it ultra safe. Data exposure incidents such as Equifax clearly prove this. The second is the…

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Digital Marketing Trends | Entrepreneur

10 Digital Marketing Trends Every Entrepreneur Should Watch Since the rise of the internet and mobile technology, marketing and advertising efforts have increasingly gone digital. Today’s brands reach their customers through websites, social media, blog posts, video content, text messaging and other channels, and continue to refine their campaigns based on a wealth of customer…

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Digital Marketing Myths

To clear things up we’re going to review The 7 Digital Marketing Myths! Metrics, analytics, ROI. These are what digital marketing was built on, but what if the reports that you’re using to make marketing decisions are no longer valid? I think that the only thing that moves faster, in digital marketing, than new technologies…

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