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Category: Data

artificial intelligence ai

Data Analytics | AI Machine Learning

Do You Know The Difference Between Data Analytics And Artificial Intelligence AI Machine Learning? The artificial intelligence AI industry has been leading the headlines consistently, and for good reason. It has already transformed industries across the globe, and companies are racing to understand how to integrate this emerging technology. Artificial intelligence is not a new…

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Google Redesign

Google’s redesigned account hub makes it easier to control and search your settings Google says that 20 million people visit their account settings daily, so it’s a pretty crucial thing for the company to get right and constantly improve. You can now more easily find your activity controls in the Data & Personalization tab and…

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Google API

Google Search Console Analytics API now has 16 months of data The Search Console API now supports 16 months’ worth of data. The Search Console Analytics API lets webmasters and developers query a lot of the data you can get within the Search Analytics report in Google Search Console. The old interface did not see…

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google cloud nordics

Google | Cloud | Nordics

Google opens Finnish Cloud Platform region, its first in the Nordics The internet giant first revealed plans to open its Nordic GCP region way back in 2016 and initially indicated the region would open sometime in 2017. But it’s only now, halfway into 2018, that businesses across the area can officially access the new datacenter…

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Machine Learning | World Cup

Machine learning predicts World Cup winner Researchers have developed machine-learning techniques that have the potential to outperform conventional statistical approaches. The random-forest technique has emerged in recent years as a powerful way to analyze large data sets while avoiding some of the pitfalls of other data-mining methods. Read more… Source: MIT Technology Review

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MIT | AI | Reddit

MIT fed an AI data from Reddit, and now it only thinks about murder Even people who study AI have a healthy respect for the field’s ultimate goal, artificial general intelligence, or an artificial system that mimics human thought patterns. A number of organizations have sprung up in recent years to combat that potential, including…

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Facebook | Data

Facebook Gave Device Makers Deep Access to Data on Users and Friends Facebook has reached data-sharing partnerships with at least 60 device makers — including Apple, Amazon, BlackBerry, Microsoft, and Samsung — over the last decade, starting before Facebook apps were widely available on smartphones. The deals allowed Facebook to expand its reach and let…

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AI | You

This AI Knows Who You Are by the Way You Walk Each human has approximately 24 different factors and movements when walking, resulting in every individual person having a unique, singular walking pattern. An artificially intelligent system called a deep residual neural network scoured through the data, analyzing weight distribution, gait speed, and three-dimensional measures…

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