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How to get into digital transformation in 2020?

digital transformation

How to get into digital transformation in 2020? Digital transformation is simply put – going paperless or hyper-converged, opting for cloud driven processes in operations of a business. Its underlying efforts are fragmented. A business leader will need to learn, experience and understand its benefits. In course of time and underlying complexity of digital transformation,…

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Customer Service

Try These New Customer Service Social Media Strategies Social media is the future of customer service,” says Anna Yates, a content marketer for The Social Reach, a digital marketing agency. “Not only are consumers turning to social media more and more to learn about products and services, but new tools are available to make customer…

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Code for America

The coding company widening access to US public services Code for America is building platforms that enable government providers of social services to be more effective: it starts from the consumer, not the provider, and it works back to the problems they need to have solved. Read more… Source: TheGuardian  

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How Live Chat Helps Businesses

live chat service

Customers have highest satisfaction rates on live chat service than traditional platforms Live chat service – Shopping, paying bills, looking for information, getting advice, answering questions: If you do almost anything online these days, you’ve probably encountered—and may be used—live chat to communicate with a company. Most organizations now provide service and support across multiple channels including email,…

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What’s your customer’s feedback?


Social media is a meaningful channel to collect valuable customer feedback. Social media is a meaningful channel through which to collect valuable customer feedback. With billions of people around the world already engaged in these social media communities, you should create profiles and provide customer support from your brand for those valuable customers who want an…

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