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Category: Content

Redtie – Try it for Free

small business How omnichannel messaging platform works best for a small business? | Try it for FREE Redtie is the first omnichannel messaging platform for businesses. We help businesses connect with their customers and prospects real smart. With Redtie you can do, manage, organize things like Sales Promotions Marketing Campaigns Order Confirmations Discount Coupons or Vouchers Virtual Gifts...
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Google | Low Traffic | Content

Google: Low Traffic Does Not Mean Content is Low Quality Google’s John Mueller cautions against removing content from a website simply because it doesn’t receive a lot of traffic. As far as Google’s algorithms are concerned, low page views is not an indicator that content is low quality. Therefore, site owners should not remove web…

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Content Marketing | SEO Tools

Improve Your Content Marketing with These 4 SEO Tools Today I have some resources to help you maximize your search engine marketing with four great tools for your business. Here’s links with tips and tricks to kick start your Monday. As content marketing continues to evolve it’s important to have a fresh and updated SEO strategy in place. Thankfully…

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Link Building | Guest Blogging

Top Guest Blogging Tactics for Scalable Link Building Success Building links via guest blogging comes with many challenges, including: Finding blogs to guest post for. Coming up with unique article ideas. Getting accepted by top-tier publications. Before tackling any of these, however, the first thing you should take into consideration is the quality of your…

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Multiple Sites | IP

Google: Multiple Sites on Same IP is Not a Problem, But Similar Content Is An individual was concerned about a decline in traffic amongst multiple sites on the same IP address. In addition to being on the same IP address, the webmaster described these sites as having very similar content and site structure. Having multiple…

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YouTube’s New Profile

YouTube to Show Users How Long They Spend Watching Videos YouTube is preparing to roll out a new feature that will make users acutely aware of how much time they’re spending watching video content. The new “time watched profile,” accessible in the account menu, will display an individual user’s daily watch time. Read more… Source: SEJ

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New SEO Tactics


Focus your content on topics and intent, not keywords We all know that SEO is important for online marketing and organic traffic. People conduct more than 3.5 billion searches every day just on Google. Not only that, but over 70% of clicks go to organic searches that rank on the first page of Google. Ranking on the first…

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The Perfect Headline

How To Write The Perfect Headline When someone is checking you out online, the four most important aspects of your LinkedIn profile are Headline Headshot Summary Background These elements help the viewer determine if they want to learn more about you, and they give you a chance to tell your story in the digital world…

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Duplicate Content

5 Common WordPress Duplicate Content Issues & How to Fix Them WordPress makes life easy for small businesses, bloggers, and large news sites. You have best practices automatically applied in many cases like canonical links and there are plugins for practically everything else you need. Tags are a huge problem for many WordPress websites. When…

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