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Category: Business

Automation | Revolution

Speed of innovation, the essence of survival Speed is the absolute essence of combat, according to the book The Principles of Personal Defense, and for many companies facing the challenges of digital disruption and the fierce competition it brings, today’s business scene must feel like a combat zone. To survive in this battleground, speed, especially in…

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Amazon | Cinema Business

Amazon is reportedly looking to buy up a cinema chain Amazon has already established brick-and-mortar stores selling its products and groceries, and now it apparently wants a slice of the cinema business. As reported by Bloomberg, Amazon is looking to acquire Landmark Theatres, which claims to be the largest cinema chain dedicated to independent and foreign…

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Time For An Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Explore what Artificial Intelligence can do for business growth There’s nothing new about organizations and their leaders fumbling around for a coherent, business-relevant strategy any time a new technology appears on the scene. We’ve been seeing this in recent years with the rise of digital, raising issues from defining what exactly digital is, to defining what…

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B2B Content Marketing

Six Important Points About the State of B2B Content Marketing Content marketing in the Digital Age has been popular among B2C companies for years, and B2B firms are catching up quickly. However, despite understanding the need for digital marketing content—and wide adoption of the strategy—many B2B companies are unsure which tactics work best. MDG Advertising examined an…

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Blockchain will change

KYC: Blockchain will change how businesses think about identity Identity in the developed financial services world is defined by government-issued identity (drivers’ license, passport, social security card, etc.) and the controlled acceptance of those individuals / entities (by CRM, KYC utilities, etc.) at an organisational level. However, major challenges in the collection and validation of…

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How Live Chat Helps Businesses

live chat service

Customers have highest satisfaction rates on live chat service than traditional platforms Live chat service – Shopping, paying bills, looking for information, getting advice, answering questions: If you do almost anything online these days, you’ve probably encountered—and may be used—live chat to communicate with a company. Most organizations now provide service and support across multiple channels including email,…

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Lead scoring and nurturing

lead scoring

Lead nurturing is the process of engaging buyers by providing relevant information at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Marketing and sales need to get together to develop a lead scoring strategy, to pinpoint where a particular lead is within the brand’s buying model. It is the backbone of a strong lead nurturing system because…

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