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Category: Bitcoin

IBM | Blockchain Technology

IBM Explains Difference with Public And Private Blockchain Technology Blockchain technology first appeared almost ten years ago, as a way to provide and support Bitcoin. Despite the fact that this was its original purpose, this technology has developed numerous new use cases, and has touched nearly every major industry. Read more… Source: Bitcoin Exchange Guide

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China | Blockchain Strategy

Making Sense Of China’s Grand Blockchain Strategy For a couple of years now it has appeared as if the Chinese government is seeking to “have its cake and eat it too” when it comes to crypto assets and blockchain technology. The simple phrase “blockchain not Bitcoin” has become the country’s defining strategy when it comes…

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Future Of Blockchain | Predictions

What Does The Future Of Blockchain Hold? 10 Predictions From Tech Experts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been an extremely hot topic lately, with both positive and negative speculations about its future. Despite the growing interest in cryptocurrency and its underlying blockchain technology, new crypto ventures are far from overwhelmingly successful — in fact, TechCrunch reported that more than 1,000…

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Ethereum is predicted to increase

The price of Ethereum is predicted to increase significantly this year Why buy Ethereum – Bitcoin transactions take around 10 minutes, whereas an Ether transaction takes only 15 seconds. Ever since Ethereum launched in July 2015 it has been hugely popular with investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. In truth, even before the crypto was introduced to the market, interest…

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