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Bing Ads | Weapon

bing ads weapon

Bing will start banning more weapons-related ads starting July 1 Many of the recreational type guns like air rifles look like real guns and consumers may be led to click on offers that are different than their expectations. Finally, this change responds to the feedback from Bing Ads publishers who have similar policies in place…

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LinkedIn | Bing

LinkedIn Teams Up With Bing Maps to Show Commute Times on Job Postings A new feature available on LinkedIn sees the professional network team up with Bing Maps to provide users with information about commute times. Using the mobile app, LinkedIn users can now see what their commute time would be when viewing job postings. Read…

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Bing Ads | Google AdWords

Bing Ads Lets Advertisers Import Product Ads from Google AdWords Bing Ads now has a way for advertisers to easily import Product Ads from Google AdWords. The process of importing Product Ads is facilitated by the Google Merchant Center Import tool, which now allows product offer to be imported to Bing Merchant Center. Read more……

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Bing Intelligent Answers

Bing’s Intelligent Answers Now Show Up to 5 Sources Bing’s intelligent answers are much like Google’s quick answers. However, instead of pulling an answer from single source, Bing’s intelligent answers will only be displayed when the same answer is backed up by multiple trusted sources. Read more… Source: SearchEngineJournal

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