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Why SaaS Products Need A Mobile App?

Saas Mobile App Why SaaS Products Need A Mobile App? Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution method where the software is hosted on a server and allows access to customers via the internet. It helps enterprises reduce the burden of holding on-premise IT establishment and dedicated staff to operate it and spending on its maintenance. ...
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10x your customer loyalty with smart technologies and personalization techniques

customer loyalty ecommerce 10x your customer loyalty with smart technologies and personalization techniques Do you own an Ecommerce driven business? Yes? keep reading. An Ecommerce business is miles away from the customer personalization aspect. A physical store has the advantage of store keepers attending personally each and every customer but that’s not the case with online stores. This...
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How to get into digital transformation in 2020?

digital transformation

How to get into digital transformation in 2020? Digital transformation is simply put – going paperless or hyper-converged, opting for cloud driven processes in operations of a business. Its underlying efforts are fragmented. A business leader will need to learn, experience and understand its benefits. In course of time and underlying complexity of digital transformation,…

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Big Data | Digital Marketing Efforts

SIX WAYS BIG DATA CAN REFINE YOUR DIGITAL MARKETING EFFORTS Enterprise leaders want to monetize their digital assets, promote an information-driven culture and leverage the full potential of their big data systems. However, most marketers fail to achieve these objectives because they deploy their data scientists poorly. In addition, they don’t devote enough attention to their data-driven…

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AI | Banks | Big Data

Using AI in Financial fraud detection can help banks save unnecessary losses As the financial services landscape changes, technology is providing the tools and platforms for rapid transformation. This evolution is being strengthened by Big Data, which has become deeper and broader than ever before. Banks and financial institutions now have access to more information…

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AI | Big Data | And Robotics


Industry Leaders Reap All Benefits From AI, Big Data, And Robotics. So How Can SMEs Stay Relevant? Robotics, AI, and Big Data provide great opportunities for startups and agile SMEs. According to research, the World Economic Forum did with Accenture, the bulk of gains goes to the 20% industry leaders in each industry. Without the…

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Why You Must Treat Artificial Intelligence (AI) As A Very Special Technology? There are lots of technologies that attract our attention – and money – these days. We’re obsessed with blockchain, cryptocurrency, IOT, big data analytics, cybersecurity3-D printing and drones. We’re excited about virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. Read more… Source: Forbes

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Digital Marketing Trends ‘2018

digital marketing trends

Which marketing trend will be most important to you and your business in 2018? Content Marketing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Content marketing as the ‘engagement’ fuel that powers all digital communications from search to social to email marketing to creating website experiences which convert. Source: Smart Insights Read more…  

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