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AI | Healthcare | Africa


How New Technologies Could Transform Africa’s HealthCare System Across industrial sectors, from healthcare to energy, from construction to retail, engineers are creating new technologies with potentially disruptive implications for the current architectural order of the global economy. One of the technologies, an “AI doctor”, shows great promise for the future of health care in Africa….

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Data Analytics | AI Machine Learning

artificial intelligence ai

Do You Know The Difference Between Data Analytics And Artificial Intelligence AI Machine Learning? The artificial intelligence AI industry has been leading the headlines consistently, and for good reason. It has already transformed industries across the globe, and companies are racing to understand how to integrate this emerging technology. Artificial intelligence is not a new…

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AI | Personality

Artificial intelligence can predict your personality by scanning your eyes A joint project between the University of South Australia and the University of Stuttgart had an artificial intelligence track and monitor the eye movements of 42 human participants using a video-based eye-tracker from SensorMotoric Instruments. The researchers then cross-checked the findings with regular, well-established questionnaires….

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China | AI

China’s commitment to AI When you discover the ways Chinese company Alibaba, the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace with $248 billion in transactions (more than eBay and Amazon combined), invests in artificial intelligence and machine learning, you realize quickly that the list of what it doesn’t impact is much shorter. Read more… Source: Forbes

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AI | Destroys Humans

AI Is Highly Likely To Destroy Humans, Elon Musk Warns Elon Musk believes it’s highly likely that artificial intelligence (AI) will be a threat to people. The Tesla founder is concerned that a handful of major companies will end up in control of AI systems with “extreme” levels of power. Read more… Source: Independent

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Amazon’s Alexa | Invest in AI

The Godfather of Amazon’s Alexa Lifts The Lid On Investing In AI When Amazon bought William Tunstall-Pedoe’s voice-recognition startup Evi back in 2012, it would become the foundation of Alexa, one of Amazon’s most important services. Today Tunstall-Pedoe advises Cambridge Innovation Capital and is a very active angel investor with more than fifty investments, backing Ada Health and Bloomsbury.ai, which…

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AI | UK jobs

Artificial intelligence will be net UK jobs creator, finds report Artificial intelligence is set to create more than 7m new UK jobs in healthcare, science and education by 2037, more than making up for the jobs lost in manufacturing and other sectors through automation, according to a report. Read more… Source: The Guardian

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