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Category: AI

AI | Destroys Humans

AI Is Highly Likely To Destroy Humans, Elon Musk Warns Elon Musk believes it’s highly likely that artificial intelligence (AI) will be a threat to people. The Tesla founder is concerned that a handful of major companies will end up in control of AI systems with “extreme” levels of power. Read more… Source: Independent

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Amazon’s Alexa | Invest in AI

The Godfather of Amazon’s Alexa Lifts The Lid On Investing In AI When Amazon bought William Tunstall-Pedoe’s voice-recognition startup Evi back in 2012, it would become the foundation of Alexa, one of Amazon’s most important services. Today Tunstall-Pedoe advises Cambridge Innovation Capital and is a very active angel investor with more than fifty investments, backing Ada Health and Bloomsbury.ai, which…

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Amazon | AI | Machine Learning

How Amazon Has Reorganized Around Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Amazon’s approach to AI is called a flywheel. In engineering terms, a flywheel is a deceptively simple tool designed to efficiently store rotational energy. It works by storing energy when a machine isn’t working at a constant level. Instead of wasting energy turning on and off,…

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AI | UK jobs

Artificial intelligence will be net UK jobs creator, finds report Artificial intelligence is set to create more than 7m new UK jobs in healthcare, science and education by 2037, more than making up for the jobs lost in manufacturing and other sectors through automation, according to a report. Read more… Source: The Guardian

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Quantum Computing | AI

How Quantum Computing Will Change The Face Of Artificial Intelligence The new algorithms provide a general template, showing how quantum computers might be used to provide exponential speedups for central problems like clustering, pattern-matching, and principal component analysis. Clustering is an ML technique used to organise data into similar groups. Xanadu.ai is conducting considerable research…

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Golden AI & ML

Get ready for a golden AI and machine learning autumn MCubed hits London between October 15 and 17, with almost 40 conference sessions and four optional deep dive workshops taking you through the fundamentals of machine learning, artificial intelligence and analytics and how you can apply them to your organisation. Read more… Source: TheRegister

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