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Responders Mobilization

Mobilizer is a public safety solution used by police departments and fire departments. The solution is a combination of native mobile applications and console web application. The mobile applications are used by the field personnel while the console application is used by the control center that monitors deployment.


When an incident happens, the control center creates it on the console and select the people that should be included in covering the incident. The console app then sends notifications to the people to assist with the incident. The problem is that the invited person must get the request from the console application in a reliable manner. Sending just a mobile based push notification is not enough or reliable.


Redtie solved the problem with the outbound text messaging feature. Whenever an incident is created, the people included in the incident will receive a text message with a unique link of the incident stored inside the mobile app. This implementation ensures that anyone that doesn’t have the phone with them when the incident is created, may still be notified about it and go to that for required response.