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Electric signal fault finder

The client is one of the largest electric and gas utilities in the US. In an effort to make the electric grid smart, the company has upgraded the electric distribution network with devices called “Line Sensors”. When the line sensor detects an outage, it tracks that data and sends that to the utility.


The utility provides services to millions of customers making the coverage area quite large with multiple teams of personnel assigned to assist with outages. Based on where the line sensor is located, the personnel assigned for that particular region should be alerted. And when the assigned personnel attends to a given outage, they may have additional information or questions which they should be able to get quickly.


Text messaging has been proven to be the most effective one for quick reach and response. A webhook was deployed to listen to the incoming line outage data which was tagged with the line sensor’s unique ID. Using that ID, the webhook gets the geographical lat/long data and gets the people tagged for the region and sends a text message with the link of the map of the location of outage. The receiving technicians may reply to the message which are manned by the operations center using Redtie’s Dashboard.