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Document Distribution

Argo is an industrial insurance company underwriting specialty insurance and reinsurance products in areas of the property and casualty market. The business operates through subsidiaries who often have a network of brokers.


Argo’s various lines of businesses have documents and protocols to use documents at expected stages of the business. These documents to be used are authorized for regulatory compliance and the brokers are expected to use the correct ones. Using a wrong document would mean expensive correction and time lost.


Argo built a secure mobile app to connect the brokers in the network. The app is connected with the repository of forms and documents with a powerful search feature. document can be sent by the authorized user to any contact by email and/or SMS. The document link is alive only for a short period of time. Redtie’s outbound email and text channels are used to deliver the solution. The app is live in both the Apple iTunes and Google Playstores.