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business text messaging

The New Norm of Business Text Messaging


Business Text Messaging

Every year customers prefer businesses to reach them by text. Year after year texting continues to increase in popularity across industries. In fact, 52% of business leaders in North America say mobile is already a major player in their industry.

Online forms, email inquiries, and follow-up sales calls don’t provide the immediacy that modern consumers expect. With the rising popularity of mobile apps and extensions like click-to-text, there’s a good chance your customers are already trying to text your business. Text messaging platforms are great ways to let people skip the headaches and simply send a text to receive immediate service or support.

  • Get dedicated phone number
  • Have 2-way conversations
  • Text large groups at once


Schedule Messages

Compose your texts, schedule and send your messages at the perfect time. 

Send Files

Whether you need to send photos or a PDF, it’s easy to upload files to our platform and attach them to messages as a link.

Set Auto-Responses

You can create an auto-response text that sends 24/7 or just outside of your office hours.

Desktop Notifications

You can even enable desktop push notifications so you’ll never miss a message.

Archive Conversations

Hide conversations for a period of time with archive messages feature.

Organise your Contacts

Create separate lists for customers, leads, employees, or any other groups of contacts under separate tags.

How businesses can benefit from a text messaging service?

Redtie makes business text messaging a snap, no matter what industry you’re in. It’s simple, convenient, affordable, and secure. Do it all right from your computer, phone or tablet, in real time.  


Hotels can simplify bookings with reservations by text. Offer greater convenience to your guests by adding pictures, video files etc.


Speed up dinner reservations by letting people text in to claim their spot. Easily manage reservation changes and cancellations with two-way texting.


Manage your assistants and office staff through a single business texting dashboard. Make appointment reminders more personal by sending them from your business phone number.


Manage orders, shipping notifications, and returns with text messaging. Add texting as a customer support channel that people can access anytime.

The power of mobile is undeniable. So, as a business that may or may not be text-enabled yet, what can you do to be more mobile-friendly to customers? Texting is the most convenient way to communicate with customers. Today, we hope we made it even easier. If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it!

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