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New Norm of Text Messaging for Black Friday 2020

Every business across the globe is gearing up for Black Friday, it is without doubt the biggest and best retail period of the year. With SMS having an open rate of 98% and 90% of those messages being read within 3 minutes, there is no better way to tell your customers your Black Friday sale has started than sending them a text message. 

“Consumers are waiting for your Black Friday sale to start, eager to save money and buy as much as they can, so why not tell them about it and get your sales rolling from the first minute.”

You haven’t planned how you are going to promote your Black Friday sale? Well, you are not alone, you can reach out with your sales announcements with a Text blast.

Moreover, how about announcing your offers over a video attached to a text message? Curious? Get started with signing up at  Redtie, where you can talk about  your offers by  recording a video or audio and send it across to your customers over a Text blast. Make it personal, it means a lot to your customers.[/vc_column_text]

black friday Redtie

It’s a simple and user-friendly platform that will take you no time at all to tell all your customers about your Black Friday sale and start those sales rolling in.


“Black Friday Begins – Our huge Black Friday Sale has begun, so if you are looking for a wide range of gadgets with huge savings of up to 60% off, take a look at here: https://redtie.me/nn6694″

Send your customers an SMS on the last day of your sale:

This is a must for all your sales, on the last day of your sale send your customers a text message informing them that they only have a matter of hours to make a purchase and save money. This is a great way to get those last few sales and nudge people who may have forgotten when your sale is ending.

“Our Black Friday sale is ending tonight at 12:00pm, so make sure you purchase before then and save up to 50% of selected products www.link.com”

But don’t expect 2020 to look like any other times. Many stores will be limited in the number of patrons they can allow inside. More customers than ever will be browsing for gifts with all the comforts of home literally, online and on their mobile phones. Smart text messaging solutions can help you make the most of the holidays and the boon to end-of-the-year retail market share.

Before a big holiday campaign, it’s vital to shore up your subscriber list. With Redtie, add your business contacts and have a clean subscription list. 

Customers like to research before they make a purchase but don’t have them work too hard to find information. When you introduce your Black Friday deals, include details like coupons, offers, product images, etc via text attachments to close deals. 

Instead of sending only text-based messages, send text with images, audio recorded messages to customers that are unexpected yet memorable, and they add a personal touch to the interaction. Encourage engagement by getting customers to complete specific actions, like click a link in the message to learn more about a new product on sale.

Once your Black Friday sale ends, send a survey to help you learn more about customers who participated and about their experience. 

We expect many brands this year to focus heavily on their text marketing channel when it comes to the holiday shopping season. Those who get it right will see an enormous bounce in revenue.

If you haven’t started a text marketing program, you still have time. Contact our team to find out more about how we can help you create and send successful Black Friday campaigns. Reach us now at +1 484–874–5535 or email to getredtie@redtiemail.com

Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ephron.redtie.admin