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Author: Renuga Devi


Digital transformation | Trend

Beyond Digital Transformation: Why the Customer Will Truly Be the Focus of 2019 There’s no denying that the motivating imperative driving every boardroom conversation is digital transformation. After all, we know from daily evidence that the promised digital disruption coming to every industry is already here, and it is accelerating faster than ever. It’s Simple:…

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Redtie Version 3.0

Redtie Version 3.0 Communication assistant for your business Communicating seamlessly as required with customers is essential for consistent business growth since engagement drives a business in customer acquisition momentarily. But, how well is your business communication organized? Even if you have a great product, an effective customer communication engine is a key factor for a...
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SEO Habits | content-driven

9 Important SEO Habits You Should Adopt Now Want to improve your SEO strategies and skills to move the needle even more for your organizations and clients? Then it’s time to ditch the bad habits and start creating new habits – or enhancing existing ones. Although we typically gravitate toward specific areas of SEO (technical, on-page, off-page), based on our…

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Blockchain | GDPR Compliant

Can Blockchain Help Brands Become GDPR Compliant? The aftermath of GDPR is still unraveling. But one thing is clear for certain – a lot of companies still struggle to make sense of how the new provisions apply to the blockchain. To recap, new rules require companies operating in the EU or catering to EU-based customers to enforce…

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AWS | Cloud Practices

New AWS tool helps customers understand best cloud practices AWS has had a team of solution architects working with customers to make sure they are using AWS services in a way that meets best practices around a set of defined criteria. Today, the company announced a new Well Architected tool that helps customers do this themselves in…

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Facebook Profile | Add Songs

Facebook to Let Users Add Songs to Their Profile Facebook has announced a series of new features that expand the ways users share and connect with music. In a throwback to MySpace, Facebook will soon allow users to add songs to their profile page. Users will be able to pin a song to the top…

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Google+ | Shut down | Google Plus

Google+ Is Shutting Down: What Should You Do Now? Earlier this month, Google announced that it will be shutting down Google Plus for consumers in a 10-month phase-out. The decision follows a recent discovery of an undisclosed security flaw that exposed users’ profile data that was said to have been remedied in March. The software glitch may…

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